“Success on the mound is a combination of physical and mental skills

that serve as the foundation for long-term success.”

Monica Mace Fenton’s extensive fitness and softball training background includes twelve years as a softball player and seventeen years as a coach with over 500 students and 37,000+ hours of instruction.   As the owner of 2-Oaks Academy, Coach Fenton has taken her experiences with students and developed exclusive fitness and coaching programs for all age and skill levels which far exceeds the scope of more traditional programs.

Monica’s expert knowledge of athletic sports training and coaching include:

  • Softball
    • Pitching Lesson
    • Hitting
    • Group Training
    • College Skills Video
  • Tennis
    • Tennis Bootcamp
    • Tennis club
  • And more!

Monica’s experience doesn’t stop at the mound or court, her scientifically proven personal training programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal Training / Weight Loss
    • Private Personal Training
    • Bootcamp
    • At Home Program
    • Workshops
  • Performance Enhancement Training
    • Fitness Nutrition
  • And so much more!

Every program at 2-Oak is specifically tuned to each person and/or player. There’s no cookie cutter, one-fits-all approach here! Every program includes:

  • Individualized Approach

By incorporating analogies that directly relate to the skills that are being taught, the programs breaks down the fundamentals of the sport or fitness goal to a level that allows each person to be successful.

  • Parent Involvement

By being actively involved in their child’s lessons, parents have the ability to see first-hand the skills being practiced.  This gives parents the opportunity to practice at home and build upon those skills as they work with their child between lessons.

  • On-line Resources

Parents have access to a program where they can view videos demonstrating the drills that players have learned during their lesson time.  The videos are designed for each skill level and are a valuable resource for parents to refer back to in between lessons.

  • Player Evaluations
    • Video taken during the player’s lessons and games is used as yet another teaching tool. By being able to break down the video and provide an analysis in an age and skill appropriate way provides yet another tool for success.

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2-Oaks Academy Training Facility

Our fully-equipped gym is conveniently located just six minutes off of the I-15 Freeway in the private and beautiful countryside of Valley Center, California.

Features of the 2-Oak Facility:

  • State-of-the-art commercial grade equipment
  • 700 square feet of indoor training space
  • 5,000+ square feet of outdoor training space
  • Full private bathroom
  • Shower and locker space
  • Private parking on-site





30520 Alta Mesa Dr.
VALLEY CENTER, United States
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